The Natural Born Chillers

The Natural Born Chillers deliver a high-powered sound that combines the energy of electronics with the depth of live instruments, charismatic vocals and strong visuals. Their music is like explosive love affair between electronica and rock’n’roll, techno and punk. Every show is a DJ-like performance with dynamic compositions by NBC which can be compared to top-shelf club hits. NBC has played the most popular clubs, underground cultural events and festivals in Poland such as Heineken Open’er Festival and Coke Live Music festival.

NBC has also made music (and perform it live) to a theatrical spectacle called
“In the Solitude of Cotton Fields” directed by Radek Rychcik, based upon a drama of late French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltes. Since 2010 the spectacle is travelling all over the world (New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Santiago de Chile, Berlin, Paris and more yet to come) and everywhere is gaining great reviews.

“Truly hot, techno-rock band,…The Chillers’ feverish, rave vibe is instantly mesmerizing.”The Seattle Times

“Polish band Natural Born Chillers is invaluable at driving the fluctuating tone, from urban electronica droning to rock wails…”Los Angeles Times

“Blazing music of the Natural Born Chillers, who pound out a near-constant pulsing soundtrack set somewhere between Franz Ferdinand and Daft Punk.” The Portland Mercury

“A band called The Natural Born Chillers lays down a pounding bass line.”The New York Times


NBC is working now on their debut full lenght album to be released soon.




Michal Lis – Vocals, Guitar, keys, Synths

Piotr Lis – Drums, drum pads

Bartosz Ignor – Bass

Maciek Matysiak – Keys & Synths



The Natural Born Chillers EP, 2011, self-release
The Natural Born Chillers EP, 2012, self-release

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