Science Fiction All Stars

Science Fiction All Stars musical collective – of producers & preformers founded by Loverdozed. With help of collective musicians they are occupated in three forms of activity:

live band:

this form means seven-person live band playing concerts in avant-pop, nu-jazz and electronic styles.

Includes: drums, trumpet, vocal, piano, rhodes, guitar, dj and synths

electronic live act:

Loverdozed with different guests (trumpet, vocal) playing live act using electronic instruments in deep house, organic minimal interpretations.


This activity includes music recording and postproduction, remixes of own productions and other artists music.



Science Fiction All Stars:
Mariusz Czelny aka Loverdozed
Mateusz Maniak
Tomek Barzec
Bogna Kowalska
Radek Ryszkiewicz
Wojciech Podskarbi
Piotr Lis

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